Introduction / Overview

Welcome to the Final Fantasy Randomizer guide! This guide is intended to help newer FFR players by compiling a variety of useful information for racers in a single place. If you have never played FFR before, I recommend reading A New A New Player’s Guide to Final Fantasy Randomizer Tournament #1 by ichbinmiah first. However, if you've played a few seeds and you're looking for ways to save some time, then read on!

Standard Classes

Final Fantasy allows you to choose a party of four from six different classes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Class Name Description Level 1 Stats Level 25 Stats (avg.) Class Upgrade
Fighter Standard tank class with high HP and high strength. Can equip fairly strong weapons and armor. Best character to stand at the front of your party. As a damage dealer, he peaks earlier than the Black Belt but does not scale as well with additional levels.
  • HP: 35
  • Strength: 20
  • Agility: 5
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Vitality: 10
  • Luck: 5
  • Hit%: 10
  • Hit% / Level: +3
  • Magic Def.: 15
  • MDef / Level: +3
  • HP: 557
  • Strength: 44
  • Agility: 27
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Vitality: 28
  • Luck: 23
  • Hit %: 82
  • Magic Def.: 87

Weak class with poor equipment pool, excels at running away and not much else. Can be made useful into the late game with spell casting items such as White Shirt (INV2) and Black Shirt (ICE2). Also useful as a meat shield in the front row of boss fights.

The ability of the Thief to consistently run away is useful throughout the game but he does not need much experience gain to fulfill this role. If you are planning on grinding levels at any point (or running with a three-person party), killing the Thief beforehand is strongly advised.

  • HP: 30
  • Strength: 5
  • Agility: 10
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Vitality: 5
  • Luck: 15
  • Hit %: 5
  • Hit% / Level: +2
  • Magic Def.: 15
  • MDef / Level: +2
  • HP: 371
  • Strength: 25
  • Agility: 26
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Vitality: 17
  • Luck: 39
  • Hit %: 53
  • Magic Def.: 63
Black Belt Damage dealer who starts out weak and becomes absurdly powerful at high levels (32+). Has higher Magic Defense growth than any other class. They have special rules regarding their attack and defense:
  • Black Belts without a weapon equipped have attack power equal to twice their current level.
  • Black Belts without any armor equipped have defense equal to their level.
  • On level up, unarmed Black Belts have their defense set to their level even if they have armor equipped. The effect of this bug can be cleared if you access the armor menu.
Black Belts should stop equipping most weapons after level 8. Also, they gain an extra two hits at levels 21, 32, and 42.
  • HP: 33
  • Strength: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Vitality: 20
  • Luck: 5
  • Hit %: 5
  • Hit% / Level: +3
  • Magic Def.: 10
  • MDef / Level: +4
  • HP: 457
  • Strength: 20
  • Agility: 20
  • Intelligence: 20
  • Vitality: 44
  • Luck: 23
  • Hit %: 77
  • Magic Def.: 106
Red Mage

Incredibly versatile mage who can use both White and Black Magic. Can also equip light armor and a wide variety of swords.

The ability of mages to buy spells is dependent on the "Magic Shops", "Magic Levels", and "Keep Permissions" flags in the randomizer program. For more information, please see this spreadsheet.

  • HP: 30
  • Strength: 10
  • Agility: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Vitality: 5
  • Luck: 5
  • Hit %: 7
  • Hit% / Level: +2
  • Magic Def.: 20
  • MDef / Level: +2
  • HP: 343
  • Strength: 25
  • Agility: 22
  • Intelligence: 25
  • Vitality: 20
  • Luck: 20
  • Hit %: 55
  • Magic Def.: 68
Red Wizard
White Mage

Specialist in recovery and defensive magic. Has slightly higher HP growth than the other mages, but cannot equip most armor. White Mages are the most reliable source of resurrection magic (LIFE, LIFE2).

The ability of mages to buy spells is dependent on the "Magic Shops", "Magic Levels", and "Keep Permissions" flags in the randomizer program. For more information, please see this spreadsheet.

  • HP: 28
  • Strength: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Intelligence: 15
  • Vitality: 10
  • Luck: 5
  • Hit %: 5
  • Hit% / Level: +1
  • Magic Def.: 20
  • MDef / Level: +2
  • HP: 363
  • Strength: 18
  • Agility: 17
  • Intelligence: 38
  • Vitality: 24
  • Luck: 19
  • Hit %: 29
  • Magic Def.: 68
White Wizard
Black Mage

Specialist in attack and status magic. Very brittle, with low HP growth and a restrictive armor pool. Black Mages are the best source of magic damage, with access to several spells that damage all enemies.

The ability of mages to buy spells is dependent on the "Magic Shops", "Magic Levels", and "Keep Permissions" flags in the randomizer program. For more information, please see this spreadsheet.

  • HP: 25
  • Strength: 1
  • Agility: 10
  • Intelligence: 20
  • Vitality: 1
  • Luck: 10
  • Hit %: 5
  • Hit% / Level: +1
  • Magic Def.: 20
  • MDef% / Level: +2
  • HP: 255
  • Strength: 13
  • Agility: 22
  • Intelligence: 44
  • Vitality: 13
  • Luck: 21
  • Hit %: 29
  • Magic Def.: 68
Black Wizard

Upgraded Classes

Class Name Description Magic Permission Upgrades From

Powerful physical attacker with strong defense. Can equip the best armor and weapons in the game, and is able to learn some White Magic from levels 1, 2, and 3.

White Magic (Lv. 1-3) Fighter

Flexible physical attacker that can equip mid-range armor. Has access to high critical-hit rate weapons, but is still not as effective of a damage dealer as a Fighter or a leveled-up Black Belt. Can learn some Black Magic from levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Black Magic (Lv. 1-4) Thief

Functionally equivalent to a Black Belt. However, their Magic Defense grows only at +1 per level instead of the Black Belt's +3 per level. It is advisable to finish leveling your Black Belt before changing classes.

None Black Belt
Red Wizard

Even more versatile than the Red Mage, with an improved magic, weapon, and armor pool. Gaining access to important spells (such as LIFE or LIFE2) is the most common motivation for upgrading a party with a Red Mage.

Additional White and Black Magic Spells Red Mage
White Wizard

Similar to a White Mage but with access to all White Magic. Slightly improved armor and weapon pool.

All White Magic White Mage
Black Wizard

Similar to a Black Mage but with access to all Black Magic. Can also equip the CatClaw weapon, but shouldn't be physically attacking during the late game.

All Black Magic Black Mage

Class Selection

Always consider the randomizer's settings when making your class selections. Certain classes will be made more or less useful depending on the flags, which may impact your overall strategy.

Flag Tab Impact
Keep Permissions Scale

If "Keep Permissions" is enabled, all mages are made worse. The most powerful spells (LIF2, CUR4, FADE, NUKE, EXIT) cannot be acquired until after the class change, and Red Mages are also prevented from learning LIFE and WARP.

Magic Shops Scale

If "Magic Shops" is enabled, mages are made worse initially as there is no guarantee that a Lv. 1 spell will available in Coneria. This usually evens out around the time you can access Elfland.

Enemy Stats Scale

The higher the Enemy Stats slider is set, the more likely it is that power-leveling will be required to complete the game. Mage-heavy parties are worse, as they are likely to go through their fixed spell casts much quicker to cover the same amount of ground.

Exp/Gold Boost Scale

Higher EXP multipliers incentivize power-leveling a single character. Higher values for the added EXP constant incentivize killing weak mobs with AOE spells.

Weapon Stats Bug Fixes

If "Weapon Stats" is off, weapons that grant bonus damage vs. a particular element or monster type will no longer provide that bonus. However, all weapons will now have higher critical hit rates. The extra damage potential is particularly noticeable on endgame weapons such as Masmune and Xcalber. This benefits Fighters the most, but mage-heavy parties can also benefit by stacking damage buffs on the Masmune holder.

Black Belts are also more powerful with "Weapon Stats" off, as their critical hit rate is doubled.

Chance to Run Bug Fixes

If "Chance to Run" is off, the luck check during run attempts accesses the wrong location in memory. More detail can be found here, but the practical effect is that the first two characters can run quite reliably, the third is not likely, and the fourth almost always fails.

With this setting off, Thieves have no value to your team. Avoid them at all cost.

Early Bridge Scale

With "Early Bridge" enabled, the bridge north of Coneria has already been built. This is a useful option if there are no AOE damage spells available in the Coneria magic shops - you can skip ToF and Garland until later.

Gameplay and Routing

It is important to understand the items that are 100% required to complete the game. The general order you're likely to find them in the randomizer are:

Of these items, only 4 (TNT, FLOATER, CROWN, and SLAB) are randomly located in a chest somewhere in the game. Since TNT has to be located in the very beginning of the game due to the way the map is set up, it has limited locations it can be in. Therefore, you are often at a point where you're looking for both the CROWN and the SLAB to be in a position to complete the game (this is often called "GO-mode.")

The RUBY is an interesting item. It is required to pass the Titan in Titan's Cave to get to the ROD, and could be required to beat the game if the FLOATER is in the Titan's Cave or deep in ROD-locked Earth Cave. Keep this in mind if you find the RUBY early on, it could mean that dipping over to Earth Cave early could be a good play.

Keep in mind the difference between locations that you aren't required to go to vs. locations that you are. Ice Cave and Castle of Ordeals are two notable later-game locations that aren't required to beat the game, but could potentially contain a required item. This means that generally, you want to check the 4 Fiend required dungeons (Earth Cave, Gurgu Volcano, the Sea Shrine, and Mirage/Floating Castle) if possible before venturing to side locations.

Given all of this information, there is a general pattern one can take when starting this game:

  1. Kill Garland
  2. Get to Pravoka and get the SHIP
  3. Find the TNT and open up the map
  4. Go to Gurgu Volcano

There are many reasons the Volcano is often the first location checked after finding the TNT:

  1. Unlike the other Fiend dungeons, it can be completed without any extra key items.
  2. It has a good amount of chests (30)
  3. It contains an excellent place to grind levels (for more information, refer to the level grinding section)

Depending on what you find in the Volcano (RUBY, the FLOATER, or something else?) you can go from there. You can also take a gamble and check the first 3 floors of the Earth Cave early, or maybe check Ice Cave or Castle of Ordeals? That's the beauty of the randomizer, you can make a safe play, or gamble if you have to!

Chest Locations

Location Encounters? # of Chests Locked Key Items Required
Temple of Fiends Yes 6 3 (Mystic Key) None
Coneria Castle No 6 6 (Mystic Key) None
Matoya's Cave No 3 None None
Dwarf Cave No 10 8 (Mystic Key) Ship
Marsh Cave Yes 13 3 (Mystic Key) Ship
Northwest Castle No 3 3 (Mystic Key) Ship
Gurgu Volcano Yes 30 0 Ship, Canoe
Ice Cave Yes 16 0 Ship, Canoe
Castle of Ordeals Yes 9 0 Ship, Canoe
Earth Cave Yes 24 8 (Rod) Ship, Rod
Titan's Cave Yes 4 0 Ship, Ruby OR Floater
Czardia Islands No 13 0 Floater
Waterfall Cave Yes 6 0 Canoe, Floater
Sea Shrine Yes 32 1 (Mystic Key) Canoe, Floater, Oxyale
Mirage Tower Yes 18 0 Floater, Chime
Floating Castle Yes 34 0 Floater, Chime, Cube
Temple of Fiends (Past) Yes 7 7 (All Fiends, Key) All Fiends Defeated

Key Items

Key Item Description Location Required?
Adamant Rare mineral ore. The blacksmith in the Dwarf cave can use this to create Xcalber. Random Chest No
Bottle Fairy trapped in a bottle. When released, she will fly to the spring in Gaia. Random Item Shop Yes
Chime Required to enter the Mirage Tower. Lefein (from NPC, must speak Lefeinish) Yes

Astos's Crown. If you talk to him with this in your possession, he will attack you.

The Crown is required to explore the Castle of Ordeals if the "Early Ordeals" option is unchecked in the "Conveniences" tab of the randomizer program.

Random Chest Yes
Cube Object used to activate the teleporter on the top floor of Mirage Tower. Required to enter the Floating Castle. Waterfall Cave (from Robot) Yes
Crystal Matoya's Crystal. Can be traded to Matoya for an Herb. Northwest Castle (Defeat Astos) Yes
Floater (Levistone) Stone used to unearth the airship. The airship is buried in the desert south of Crescent Lake. Random Chest Yes
Herb Medicinal herb used to awaken the Prince of Elfland. Matoya's Cave (from Matoya) Yes

The Mystic Key. Allows you to enter locked doors.

Locked Doors:

  • Coneria Castle (6 Random Chests)
  • Dwarf Cave (8 Random Chests)
  • Elfland Castle (4 Random Chests)
  • Marsh Cave (3 Random Chests)
  • Northwest Castle (3 Random Chests)
  • Sea Shrine (1 Random Chest)
  • Temple of Fiends (3 Random Chests)
  • Temple of Fiends Revisited (door after Phantom)

Elfland Castle (from the Prince, when awake) Yes
Lute Use to destroy the stone plate in the Temple of Fiends Revisited. Coneria Castle (from Princess Sara, after rescue) Yes
Oxyale Substance which allows you to breathe underwater. Required to access the Sea Shrine. Gaia (from Fairy, after using Bottle) Yes
Rod Used to remove the stone plate in the Earth Cave. Sarda's Cave (from Sarda) Yes

Preferred gem of the Titan. Can be traded to him for passage through the Titan's Cave.

Can be a required item if:

  • Floater is located in Titan's Cave or under the stone plate in Earth Cave.
  • Floater is behind a locked Mystic Key door and the Crown is located in Titan's Cave or under the stone plate in Earth Cave.

Random Chest Maybe
Slab Artifact needed for Dr. Unne to teach Lefeinish to your party. Random Chest Yes
Tail Rat's tail used to prove your courage. Give to Bahamut to upgrade character classes for your entire party. Random Chest No
TNT Give to Nerrick in the Dwarf cave to build a canal. Random Chest Yes

Notable Weapon Chart

Weapon Name Attack Hit% Crit Rate Crit Rate (WS Off) Element / Bonus Effect on Use Can Equip
Silver Sword 23 15 10 16 None None Fighter, Red Mage, Ninja
Flame Sword 26 20 10 20 Fire, + vs. Undead / Regen None Fighter, Red Mage, Ninja
Ice Sword 29 25 10 21 Ice None Fighter, Red Mage, Ninja
Sun Sword 32 30 10 24 + vs. Undead None Fighter, Red Mage, Ninja
Light Axe 28 15 6 29 + vs. Undead Casts HRM2 Fighter, Ninja
Heal Staff 6 0 2 30 None Casts HEAL White Mage, Ninja
Mage Staff 12 10 2 31 None Casts FIR2 Black Mage, Ninja
Defense 30 35 10 32 None Casts RUSE Knight, Red Wizard, Ninja
Vorpal 24 25 60 34 None None Knight, Red Wizard, Ninja
Thor Hammer 18 15 2 36 None Casts LIT2 Knight, White Wizard, Ninja
Bane Sword 22 20 20 37 None Casts BANE Knight, Red Wizard, Ninja
Katana 33 35 60 38 None None Ninja
Xcalber 45 35 10 39 All Elements None Knight
Masmune 56 50 20 40 None None All Classes

Notable Armor Chart

Armor Name Defense Evade Penalty Element Resist Effect on use Armor Slot Can Equip
Chain Armor 15 -15 None None Body Fighter, Red Mage, Ninja
Iron Armor 24 -23 None None Body Fighter, Ninja
Flame Armor 34 -10 Ice None Body Fighter, Ninja
Ice Armor 34 -10 Fire None Body Fighter, Ninja
Opal Armor 42 -10 Lightning None Body Knight
Dragon Armor 42 -10 Fire, Ice, Lightning None Body Knight
Silver Bracelet 15 -1 None None Body All Classes
Gold Bracelet 24 -1 None None Body All Classes
Opal Bracelet 34 -1 None None Body All Classes
White Shirt 24 -2 Fire, Death Casts INV2 Body White Wizard
Black Shirt 24 -2 Ice, Time Casts ICE2 Body Black Wizard
Flame Shield 12 0 Ice None Shield Fighter, Ninja
Ice Shield 12 0 Fire None Shield Fighter, Ninja
Opal Shield 16 0 Lightning None Shield Knight
Aegis Shield 16 0 Poison/Stone None Shield Knight
Buckler 2 0 None None Shield Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
ProCape 8 -2 None None Shield All except Black Belt/Master
Heal Helmet 6 -3 None Casts HEAL Helmet Knight, Ninja
Ribbon 1 -1 All Elements None Helmet All Classes
Zeus Gauntlet 6 -3 None Casts LIT2 Arms Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard
Power Gauntlet 6 -3 None Casts SABR Arms Fighter, Ninja, Red Wizard
ProRing 8 -1 Death None Arms All Classes

Elemental Resistance and Magic Defense

If a party member or enemy resists an element, spells of that element will deal half damage. If an enemy is weak to an element, damage spells will deal 1.5 times more damage.

Party members and enemies also have a hidden stat called Magic Defense (MDef). This stat is used in hit chance calculations for spells and enemy skills. For skills and spells which inflict status, hit chance determines if the spell actually hits the target. For damaging spells, hit chance determines whether the spell does normal damage or double damage.

Note that protection from the Death element does not mean all instant death spells are blocked. ProRings will save you from RUB and TOXIC, but you're still vulnerable to spells and abilities such as BANE (Poison/Stone), ZAP! (Time), and CRACK (Earth).

Notable Spells

The following spells are almost always useful. Depending on what else is available at that spell tier, it is recommended you consider purchasing the following spells before considering others. Please note that these are guidelines only! Your particular seed may play out differently than expected and your needs may vary.

Spell Name Magic Type Targets Description
ARUB White Party Grants resistance to Death, Earth, and Status-elemental skills and spells to party. Lasts until the end of the battle.
BANE Black All Enemies Poison/Stone elemental spell which instantly kills the enemy if it connects.
CUR4 White Single Ally Heals single ally to full HP. If used in battle, will heal all status effects other than petrification and death.
EXIT White N/A Teleports party outside of dungeon.
FADE White All Enemies Deals 80-320 non-elemental damage. Enemy resistances are ignored by non-elemental damage, but Magic Defense still applies.
FAST Black Single Ally Increases physical hit multiplier by 1. Does not stack with additional casts, but can be used to counteract the effect of SLOW.
FIR2 Black All Enemies Hits all enemies for 30-120 fire damage.
FIR3 Black All Enemies Hits all enemies for 50-200 fire damage.
HEL3 White Party Heals the party for 48-96 HP.
HRM4 White All Enemies Deals 80-320 non-elemental damage to Undead enemies. Ineffective against all other types of enemies.
ICE2 Black All Enemies Hits all enemies for 40-160 ice damage.
ICE3 Black All Enemies Hits all enemies for 70-280 ice damage.
INVS White Single Ally Increases the physical evasion of the target by 40 points. Stacks with itself and other evasion spells. (RUSE, INV2)
INV2 White Party Increases the physical evasion of the party by 40 points. Stacks with itself and other evasion spells. (RUSE, INVS)
LIF2 White Single Ally Restores a dead party member to full health. Cannot be used in battle.
LIFE White Single Ally Restores a dead party member to 1 health. Cannot be used in battle.
LIT2 Black All Enemies Hits all enemies for 30-120 lightning damage.
LIT3 Black All Enemies Hits all enemies for 60-240 lightning damage.
MUTE White All Enemies Inflicts Silence on all enemies.
NUKE Black All Enemies Deals 100-400 non-elemental damage to all enemies. Enemy resistances are ignored by non-elemental damage, but Magic Defense still applies.
QAKE Black All Enemies Earth elemental spell which instantly kills the enemy if it connects.
RUSE White Self (Caster) Increases the evasion of the caster by 80 points. Stacks with itself and other evasion spells. (INVS, INV2)
SABR Black Self (Caster) Increases physical damage of the caster by 16 points and hit rate by 10 percent.
TMPR Black Single Ally Increases physical damage of one party member by 14 points.
WALL White Single Ally Gives a single ally resistance to all elements. Lasts until the end of battle.
WARP Black N/A

Teleports the party to the previous floor of the dungeon. Useful for full-clearing areas such as Sea Shrine and Floating Castle.

In the Ice Cave, if you fall through the hole between three chests you can cast Warp to teleport on top of it. That way, you can open the chest protected by the Eye without needing to fight it.

ZAP! Black All Enemies Time elemental spell which instantly kills the enemy if it connects.

Encounter Mechanics

The encounter table contains all of the numbers from 0 to 255 in a random order. Every time you take a step in an area where encounters can occur, the game accesses the next number in the table and compares it to a threshold value. If the threshold value is larger than the "random" number, an encounter occurs and the next number of the table is loaded.

Area thresholds:

The ordering of the table is fixed in memory and does not change if you reset or power cycle the console. Saving and then resetting after an encounter allows you to skip that encounter. Power cycling resets the current location in the encounter table to its default location. This is useful if you are able to take a large number of steps before an encounter at the start of the game - after power cycling, you will be able to take that many steps again.

The order of the encounter table is re-shuffled if the option "RNG Table" is checked under the "Shuffle" tab of the randomizer program.


Unrunnable Battles

You cannot run from the following encounters:

Formation Location Chance of Encounter
2-4 Wizard Marsh Cave Trap Tiles N/A
Earth Cave B3 48/256
Earth Cave B4 48/256
3-7 Wizard Ice Cave B1 98/256
1 Earth Earth Cave B5 4/256
Earth Cave Trap Tiles N/A
2-4 Earth Temple of Fiends Revisited - Earth Floor 60/256
1 Eye Ice Cave B2 Trap Tile N/A
Floating Castle 1F, 2F 48/256
1 FrGiant / 0-2 FrWolf North and West of Onrac 48/256
Ice Cave B2 12/256
Ice Cave B3 24/256
2 FrGiant / 2-6 FrWolf Temple of Fiends Revisited 2F 98/256
0-1 Cerebus, 1-2 WzOgre Gurgu Volcano B3 24/256
Gurgu Volcano B5 24/256
1-3 Cerebus, 0-2 WzOgre South of Onrac 48/256
1-2 Fire Gurgu Volcano B2, B3 4/256
Gurgu Volcano B2 Trap Tiles N/A
Gurgu Volcano B5 24/256
3-4 Fire Temple of Fiends Revisited - Fire Floor 12/256
1-4 ZomBull, 0-2 Troll Lefein Peninsula 96/256
1-3 ZomBull Castle of Ordeals 2F 96/256
1-3 ZombieD Castle of Ordeals 2F, 3F 4/256
2-4 ZombieD Temple of Fiends Revisited 2F 4/256
2-5 Ghost Sea Shrine B2, B4 48/256
2-5 Ghost Sea Shrine B2, B4 48/256
1-2 WzSahag, 7-8 R.Sahag Sea Shrine B2, B4 48/256
Sea Shrine B3 24/256
1-3 Water Sea Shrine B2 12/256
Sea Shrine B4 Trap Tiles N/A
Sea Shrine B5 24/256
3-6 Water Temple of Fiends Revisited - Water Floor 96/256
1 GasD Waterfall Cave 4/256
2-4 GasD Temple of Fiends Revisited 3F 120/256
1 BlueD Mirage Tower 2F, 3F 4/256
Mirage Tower 3F Trap Tile N/A
1-2 Worm Temple of Fiends Revisited 1F 96/256
3-4 Worm Temple of Fiends Revisited - Wind Floor 48/256
1-2 IronGOL Temple of Fiends Revisited - Wind Floor 4/256

You also cannot run from Boss fights. WarMECH is not considered a boss.

Source: AstralEsper's Final Fantasy Game Mechanics Guide

Strategies for Dangerous Battles

If you encounter a large group of enemies which have a powerful spell or ability (NUKE, NUCLEAR, SWIRL, etc.) have your mages cast powerful AOE magic while your physical damage dealers run. Even though nuking 7-9 enemies takes more time than successfully running, the penalty for failure is too high to leave to chance. Consider doing the same against a large group that has TRANCE, since getting stunlocked is a huge time sink.

Randomizer settings may require you to set up for a long battle when fighting the Four Fiends and Chaos. The following spells are the most useful buffs for your party:

A good first round set-up is to have your physical damage dealer attack or use SABR (from the Power Gauntlet), have one of your mages cast FAST on them, and have another mage cast INV2 (or use the White Shirt). Depending on your party composition, you can have the fourth character augment your offense or defense as appropriate. For example, two casts of INV2 is useful when fighting Kraken and his 8 physical hits. Against Chaos, you might want to use WALL to defend against a powerful spell or skill.

Trap Tiles and Grinding

Final Fantasy is interesting in that it has so-called "trap" tiles, or tiles that trigger the same encounter every time you step on them. These fights are independent of the regular encounter mechanics. It is important to know where they are so you can avoid unnecessary fights, and if you are new to the game playing with maps open is a great idea. Here are some links to great maps sites for Final Fantasy:

However, since there are fights that can be predicted, we can use that knowledge to force fights when we want to gain experience. A common strategy is to let several (or all but one) character die and then use the last character (often a Black Belt, or more rarely a Fighter or something else) to repeatedly kill an easily-killable enemy over and over again for quick experience. Planning your escape after this grind can be tricky, so make sure you are prepared to finish what you've started!

Grinding is a common strategy if you have a black belt in your party due to how broken that class is at higher levels, but can be useful for 1-2 of any class to get higher HP levels to survive in the final dungeon of the game. Using a Ninja for SABR or using the Power Gauntlet on a Black Belt for a couple of turns and then killing a boss in 2-3 hits is a great way to end the game.

How and where you can grind will depend on how the enemy type you're trying to grind was randomized. If they rolled really high stats or a crazy ability like FIR3, you probably want to try somewhere else. While you can grind just about anywhere, below are the notable spots for enemies that are typically farmable without much trouble:

  1. Gurgu Volcano
  2. There are 2 locations here that are useful: Agama and Red D. Agama is a classic grind spot, as it usually isn't much trouble to kill and has lower base stats. Red D can be tougher to kill, but depending on how it rolled it can be just as fast to kill, and is worth more experience.

  3. Ice Cave
  4. There is only one enemy here worth farming: The EYE. The EYE has great experience and amazing gold, but is sort of out of the way, and after you finish your grind you have a bit of a trek to get walk out, with a couple of potentially unrunnable fights on the last floor of the Ice Cave. Honorary mention goes to the Frost D tile. You can consider grinding here if the EYE is not good to grind on your particular seed.

  5. Mirage Tower
  6. This location only really has one trap tile of note: The Blue D. This monster is probably the least desirable of the top 3 grind locations, but can provide a decent grind spot, and is accessible without too much danger.

Bug List

The current list of bugs to be fixed is located here. Of note: